9th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora


In the language engineering and the linguistics communities, research on comparable corpora has been motivated by two main reasons. In language engineering, on the one hand, it is chiefly motivated by the need to use comparable corpora as training data for statistical Natural Language Processing applications such as statistical machine translation or cross-lingual retrieval. In linguistics, on the other hand, comparable corpora are of interest in themselves by making possible inter-linguistic discoveries and comparisons. It is generally accepted in both communities that comparable corpora are documents in one or several languages that are comparable in content and form in various degrees and dimensions. We believe that the linguistic definitions and observations related to comparable corpora can improve methods to mine such corpora for applications of statistical NLP. As such, it is of great interest to bring together builders and users of such corpora.

Previous BUCC Workshops

IssueVenue ChairpersonsProceedings
BUCC 2008LREC, Marrakech Pierre Zweigenbaum, Éric Gaussier, Pascale Fung PDF
BUCC 2009ACL, Singapore Pascale Fung, Pierre Zweigenbaum, Reinhard Rapp PDF [Individual papers] [BibTeX]
BUCC 2010LREC, Valetta Reinhard Rapp, Pierre Zweigenbaum, Serge Sharoff PDF
BUCC 2011ACL, Portland Pierre Zweigenbaum, Reinhard Rapp, Serge Sharoff PDF [Individual papers] [BibTeX]
BUCC 2012LREC, Istanbul Reinhard Rapp, Marko Tadić, Serge Sharoff, Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Pierre Zweigenbaum PDF
BUCC 2013ACL, Sofia Serge Sharoff, Pierre Zweigenbaum, Reinhard Rapp PDF [Individual papers] [BibTeX]
BUCC 2014LREC, Reykjavik Pierre Zweigenbaum, Ahmet Aker, Serge Sharoff, Stephan Vogel, Reinhard Rapp PDF
BUCC 2015Beijing, China Pierre Zweigenbaum, Serge Sharoff, Reinhard Rapp PDF [Individual papers] [BibTeX]