4th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora: Comparable Corpora and the Web


Friday June 24, 2011

 Session 1: (09:00) Bilingual Lexicon Extraction From Comparable Corpora
9:00Learning the Optimal Use of Dependency-parsing Information for Finding Translations with Comparable Corpora
Daniel Andrade, Takuya Matsuzaki and Junichi Tsujii
9:20Building and Using Comparable Corpora for Domain-Specific Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
Darja Fišer, Nikola Ljubešić, Špela Vintar and Senja Pollak
9:40Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Enhanced with Parallel Corpora
Emmanuel Morin and Emmanuel Prochasson
10:00Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora as Metasearch
Amir Hazem, Emmanuel Morin and Sebastian Peña Saldarriaga
 Session 2: (11:00) Extracting Parallel Segments From Comparable Corpora
11:00Two Ways to Use a Noisy Parallel News Corpus for Improving Statistical Machine Translation
Souhir Gahbiche-Braham, Hélène Bonneau-Maynard and François Yvon
11:20Paraphrase Fragment Extraction from Monolingual Comparable Corpora
Rui Wang and Chris Callison-Burch
11:40Extracting Parallel Phrases from Comparable Data
Sanjika Hewavitharana and Stephan Vogel
12:00Active Learning with Multiple Annotations for Comparable Data Classification Task
Vamshi Ambati, Sanjika Hewavitharana, Stephan Vogel and Jaime Carbonell
 Session 3: (14:00) Invited Presentation
14:00Putting a Value on Comparable Data / The Copiale Cipher
Kevin Knight (in collaboration with Beáta Megyesi and Christiane Schaefer)
 Session 4: (14:50) Poster Presentations (including Booster Session)
14:50Unsupervised Alignment of Comparable Data and Text Resources
Anja Belz and Eric Kow
14:55Cross-lingual Slot Filling from Comparable Corpora
Matthew Snover, Xiang Li, Wen-Pin Lin, Zheng Chen, Suzanne Tamang, Mingmin Ge, Adam Lee, Qi Li, Hao Li, Sam Anzaroot and Heng Ji
15:00Towards a Data Model for the Universal Corpus
Steven Abney and Steven Bird
15:05An Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Textual Unit Alignment
Radu Ion, Alexandru Ceauşu and Elena Irimia
15:10Building a Web-Based Parallel Corpus and Filtering Out Machine-Translated Text
Alexandra Antonova and Alexey Misyurev
15:15Language-Independent Context Aware Query Translation using Wikipedia
Rohit Bharadwaj G and Vasudeva Varma
 Session 5: (16:00) Building and Assessing Comparable Corpora
16:00How Comparable are Parallel Corpora? Measuring the Distribution of General Vocabulary and Connectives
Bruno Cartoni, Sandrine Zufferey, Thomas Meyer and Andrei Popescu-Belis
16:20Identifying Parallel Documents from a Large Bilingual Collection of Texts: Application to Parallel Article Extraction in Wikipedia.
Alexandre Patry and Philippe Langlais
16:40Comparable Fora
Johanka Spoustová and Miroslav Spousta